Sometimes He Whispers – Rev. Kenneth Crews

1 Kings 19:11-13

When I read that passage I am reminded of a time that my family and our youth group went on a hiking trip into a cave called Whispering Cave.  It is said of that cave that you can hear a person whisper from one side to the other due to the form and shape the cave has taken over time.  Elijah found himself in a whispering cave in the text.

Elijah had just come out of an amazing period of his life.  He had called down fire from Heaven, destroyed the idolatrous priesthood of Baal, and seen the Lord provide the sustenance he needed to get to the “cave”.  But still Elijah was in a place of depression and self-pity.  Sure, his life was threatened by an evil queen who was out to get him for what God had done; but how could this powerful prophet get to such a place?  Honestly, I do not have a good answer for you today.  But I do know from experience that this same course of events happens to almost every Christian.  Maybe you are in one of those down seasons in your walk with God.  If you can hold on like Elijah did you will find out that God has a way of whispering just what you need to hear.  Let me encourage you with some simple truths I have taken from this passage of scripture:

We need to quit looking for the spectacular and make sure we are listening close enough to hear His whisper.

In the cave where Elijah was there came a powerful wind, a damage-causing earthquake, and a blazing fire; but none of those things carried with it the presence of the Lord.  Then Elijah heard a still, small voice.  He heard a whisper.  That is when Elijah went out from the cave and had an encounter with the Lord. 

Are you listening for the whisper, or just looking for the spectacular?

When Elijah heard the whisper he put himself in a position to have the encounter with God that he so desperately needed.

Through that whisper, that still, small voice, Elijah was reminded that God knew exactly where he was.  It sounds a little bit crazy to say that Elijah needed such a reminder after the experiences immediately preceding this one.  But Elijah was in a desperate spot.  Again, my experience has taught me that in our lowest seasons and valleys is when we need to hear the whispers most frequently. 

Hearing that whisper gave Elijah the encouragement he needed to move out of that valley he was in.

God not only reminded Elijah that He knew where he was, but it also reminded Elijah that God was not through with him.  God gave Elijah a plan to go and anoint some men to take positions in God’s plan for His people.  God gave Elijah a purpose by telling Elijah to anoint his successor in the office of the prophet – namely Elisha.  God gave Elijah further encouragement by letting him know that there were still 7,000 people that remained faithful to Jehovah; so Elijah was not as alone as he thought he was.  Then Elijah obeyed.  This turn-around was the result of hearing the whisper. 

How do we hear the whisper of God?

The answer is simple to tell but acting on this truth tends to be a little more difficult.  To hear the whispers of God we must be seeking Him.  The prophet Jeremiah said that when we search for Him with our entire heart that then we would find Him.  God’s whispers are heard by those who are not only looking for the fire, the earthquake, the miraculous, etc.  His whispers are heard in our times of personal prayer.  His whispers are heard as we read His Word with an open heart.  His whispers are heard when we search His Truth without distraction.  His whispers are heard when we allow ourselves to get alone with Him.  Today I believe God wants to whisper to your heart.  Maybe this devotion is His way of doing that.  I pray and hope that it is.  Just be encouraged…

Sometimes God whispers.